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Forever Stone

The Forever Stone

Book 1 — The Dumont Chronicles

Christian Fiction

A young widow is determined to leave behind her agonizing memories and take a stand for independence. She joins her aunt’s home-restoration project in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and signs up for a baking course, but God has set His own plans into motion. He brings two men into her life, using them—and a floral paperweight—to teach her about His forever-love and help her find the courage to follow a new and challenging path.

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Forever Stone

Deep Focus

Book 2 — The Dumont Chronicles

Christian Fiction

Lindsey Dumont, photographer, goes to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula to finish her photo essay on a rare breed of dog, but her project is disrupted as she struggles to cope with the man who deceived her and a mystery that threatens her career. As she begins to trust in God, she wonders at the strange way He is answering her prayers.

Forever Stone

The Protector

Book 3 — The Dumont Chronicles

Christian Fiction

Lindsey’s story continues as she lingers in Seattle, getting to know Colin and planning a new book of photographs. Much too soon, a phone call from Mollie sends her rushing back to the Pine Barrens and into a nightmare of uncertainty. Seething questions arise to challenge her trust in God. Who is vandalizing her house? Does her cherished book project have to die? And . . . how can her relationship with Colin survive?

Forever Stone

Nothing Daunted

Christian Biography

In 1922 Isobel Miller was a senior at the University of British Columbia—beautiful, talented, popular—and so miserable that she wanted to die. In her despair she began a search that was to last her a lifetime: the search to know God.

Her investigation led to the Bible and to Jesus Christ, and one day God gave her the desire to share what she had learned with the Lisu tribe in southwest China. Ten years passed before Isobel and her husband arrived in the Lisu’s mountain wilderness, ten long years of learning and preparation. Isobel grew to love the Lisu people as much as her own family, and in her adventurous life she experienced the challenges of pioneer living, the perils of war, and the joys of proving the faithfulness of God.