Maybe a dog. Maybe a treasure. Maybe a dream come true. Nick has to keep searching.

Secrets at Silver Pines InnNick is sure he’ll find a treasure soon – and then Grandfather’s Inn can stay open. Things look promising as he makes a new friend, meets a wonderful coonhound, and pokes around in a ruined mill. He thinks about the Bible verse he decoded and the old cipher clues he's still trying to figure out. Maybe they’ll all add up to something wonderful for Silver Pines Inn—and for him.

A Christian mystery adventure for ages 9 and up.

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Gloria created two coloring books after many trips to the Pine Barrens. I wanted to share the beauty, she says.

Pine Barrens Colorscape
Pine Barrens Colorscape coloring book.

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Creatures of Pine Barrens
Creatures of Pine Barrens coloring book.

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Book 1: Pibbin the Small

Pibbin, the smallest of treefrogs, needs to get help for his injured friend. The doctor lives far away, and the other frogs tell him he's too small to go. “You'll run into snakes and that giant bullfrog,” they say. “Black Snapping Crabs might eat you!”

Ages 7 and up.

Book 2: The Story Shell

Gaffer's wonderful story shell has disappeared. Is there a thief in Friendship Bog? It's up to Pibbin to follow the tracks, find the shell, and solve the mystery . . . alone!

Ages 7 and up.

Book 3: Trapped

A boxful of puzzles.
A booby-trapped tunnel.
A baby squirrel gone missing.
—Pibbin needs a team for this one!

Ages 7 and up.

Book 4: Catch a Robber

A necklace—stolen.
A good friend—jailed.
The rabbit tribe—outraged.
And Pibbin dares to follow the robber’s trail into Shadow Swamp.

Ages 7 and up.

Book 5: The Stranger's Secret

After a bad storm, Pibbin discovers an injured Green Frog floating past Dip's Bridge. The frog, Riff, carries a mysterious bundle and has frightening memories. Pibbin wants to join Leeper in a work party, but who will take care of Riff? And who will talk to the terrible Thing? And who will rescue Sis? . . . Pibbin has made a promise, and he means to keep it.

Ages 7 and up.

Book 6: Trouble with Zee

Leeper thinks it’s a fine idea to go help Uncle Zee with his farm. Pibbin worries about the warnings they’ve heard, but finally he agrees. When Zee turns out to be a hateful Captain rather than a kindly uncle, Pibbin makes good on his plan to escape. But what about Leeper? How can he leave his pal behind?

Ages 7 and up.

Book 7: A Day for Courage

A greedy lizard-queen returns to Friendship Bog with an army of lizards to obey her commands. Pibbin knows he’s too small to fight lizards, but Carpenter Frog is missing so he decides to look for his friend. And before he can hop any further, he finds himself caught up in the biggest adventure of his life.

Ages 7 and up.

Map of Friendship Bog

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