Deep Focus

Book 2 — The Dumont Chronicles

Christian Fiction

Lindsey Dumont, photographer, travels to the rugged coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula to finish her photo essay on a rare breed of Makah dogs. But disaster looms for her project, and she decides to fight back. Now she must confront the man who deceived her and unravel a threatening mystery. She wonders, “Is this how God answers my prayers?”

Fraser found a piece of driftwood,
and Lindsey thought it looked like a fish. 

The Dumont Chronicles: Looking Ahead. In the next book, Lindsey Dumont begins to enjoy Seattle - and getting to know Colin - until an urgent call from Millie brings her back to the Pine Barrens. Surrounded by perplexities, she askes herself, "What will happen to my friendship with Colin, now that we're thousands of miles apart?"

More about The Protector

The Dumont family, French Huguenots, lived in southern New Jersey during Colonial days. Since then, certain Dumont women have led lives of adventure. Although they differend in personalities and circumstances, the Dumont women held in common the gifts of artistry, courage, and a growing faith in God.

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